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"I want to be all that I am capable of becoming"
(Katherine Mansfield)


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quarta-feira, novembro 10, 2004

Fiz este testezinho há uns três anos, no meu antigo blog. Certas coisas nunca mudam, já outras...

Act or direct?: Act
Adidas, Nike, Reebok? Reebok
Alaska or Hawaii? It would depend on my mood and my purpose
Aloha or Hola? None, I prefer Cheers
Any tattoos and where of what? None yet, but want to have a Claddagh symbol on my back
Are you a good listener? I try to be
Are you a good student? I do my best
Are you currently in a relationship? No
Are you involved in sports? I watch car races
Bacon bits or croutons? None
Be serious or be funny? I prefer to be funny or, if the occasion calls, ironic
Beef or Chicken? Beef
Birthday? March 16th, 1972
Birthplace? Belem, Brazil
Blonde or brunette? Oh, you mean me? I have dark brown hair
Blue eyes or brown? Dark brown, but I wish they were blue
Bow tie or tie? On a guy? No shirt ;)
Cat or dog? I don't have any pets, I live in a flat
Chinese or Japanese? Japanese
Christmas or Halloween? Christmas
Coke or Pepsi? Coke, hands down
Color or black-and-white photos? It depends on the subject
Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? None
Disneyland or Universal Studios? Universal Studios
Do long distance relationships work? No comments
Do you believe in astrology? Not sure
Do you believe in God? Absolutely
Do you believe in love at first sight? Used to, not sure anymore
Do you consider yourself the life of the party? Depends on the party
Do you currently like/love [as in a boyfriend girlfriend type of way] someone? No
Do you have a car? Yes, a black Celta, but it's also my brother's
Do you have a deep dark secret no one knows except you? As if I'd tell anyone
Do you have a job? Yes, two, and I love them
Do you have a lava lamp? What the heck would I use a lava lamp for?
Do you have a pager? No
Do you have a personal phone line? Yes, and a cell phone too
Do you have a pool or hot tub? None of them, but oh I wish I had a tub
Do you have a trampoline? No, but I love jumping on them
Do you have lots of friends? I have many acquaintances and a few very close friends
Do you have siblings? Yes, a younger brother
Do you make fun of people? Sometimes
Do you think dreams eventually come true? Some of my dreams did, some others became live nightmares
Domino's or Pizza Hut? Pizza Hut
Dream car/truck? A silver Porsche, a green Jaguar or a red Ferrari. We're talking about dreams, right?
Dreams or reality? Both
Eat an apple or an orange? Apple
Elmo or Cookie Monster? Doesn't matter
Emerald or ruby? Ruby... and pearls
Fav movie? Blade Runner
Fav song at the moment? "Can't stand me now", Libertines; "Leaving New York", REM; "A Man and a Woman", U2
Fav thing to do? Read
Fav breakfast food? Coffee, no food
Fav Candy? Chocolate
Fav Color? Blue. To wear, black
Fav Day? Friday
Fav Food? Anything Italian
Fav Gum? Trident
Fav season? We don't have seasons in the Northeastern coast of Brazil. Ideally it would be winter
Fav Room? Mine
Fav school subject? History and Literature
Fav Soundtrack? Blade Runner, Moulin Rouge, Somewhere in Time
Fav Sport? Car racing
Fav thing to do online? Talk to friends, send and get email, write this blog
Favorite Comedian? None I can remember now
Favorite body part of the opposite sex? It depends on the guy! I have a weak spot for eyes though, specially blue
Favorite cartoon? Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny
Favorite Television show? X-Files and 24
Favorite Band/Singers? It'd be a long list, but as an example I'll give you Joy Division and Radiohead
Favorite Ice cream? Chocolate
Favorite shampoo or conditioner? Dove
Favorite spice? Cinnamon
Future Job? Professor at a University. Now I'm just a teacher :)
Glasses or contacts? I have perfect sight.
Go to the movies or rent? I prefer going - it's a ritual: queue, get the tickets, buy popcorn, wait for the lights to go out, watch the trailers and, of course, the final credits
Gold or Silver? Silver
Got a crush on anyone? Jacques Villeneuve
Green beans or carrots? None
Is the glass half empty or half full? Full, I'm an optimistic person
Happy and poor or rich and sad? Rich and happy
Hard top or convertible? It depends on the weather
Hardcover books or soft cover books? Any will do, as long as the book is good
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? No!
Have you ever done something you regret now? Yes, but I'd probably do it again
Have you ever gotten a ticket for speeding? Not yet
Have you ever lost someone you loved? I didn't lose him, he lost me
Have you ever moved? My father is an Air Force Officer, that should tell you
Have you ever stolen anything [from a store]? I don't think so
Have you ever thought of killing yourself? Yes, and of killing people too :)
Have you ever witnessed a crime? No, thank God
Have you met your soul mate? Not yet, but I still have hope :)
Height? 1,60 m or 5'4
High school or college? University
How's the weather right now? Too hot for my taste
Hug or kiss? Both
Hugs or kisses from the opposite sex? Both, at the same time :)
Hurricane or Tornado? None
Is it POP or SODA? Gee. Who cares.
Jacket or sweater? Sweater
Kids or no kids? I might change my mind, but right now no kids please
Last CD[s]: U2's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb"
Last person you talked to on the phone? One of the secretaries from work
Last time you showered? Yesterday night
Left or right? Right
Long hair or short?: Long
Loud or soft music? Both, it depends on the situation
Love or hate? Love
Love or lust? If they can come together, great :)
Low fat or non fat milk? Low fat
Lunch or gym class? Gym class? What gym class?
McDonalds or Burger King? McDonald´s
Mustard or ketchup? None
Natural or bleached hair color? Natural (though I have dyed mine red)
Newspaper or magazine? Both, and also books
Night or day? Night
Non-Sport activity you enjoy? Reading, sleeping
Number of Pillows? One, sometimes none
Pet Peeves? Ahn?
Piano or guitar? Guitar
Piercings and where? I have both ears pierced four times
Place you want to live? London or Oxford, England; São Paulo or Curitiba, Brazil
Place you'd like to visit? Rome, Paris, Sydney, Amsterdam
Rain or shine? Rain
Rap or rock? Rock
Read or write? Both
Receive letter or call? Both
Regular or diet? Regular
Rice Krispie treat or Brownies? Brownies
Roller blade or roller skate? Do you want me to have an accident? None, of course
Romance or Action Movie? Any kind of movie
Simple or complicated? Complicated, of course
Singing or dancing? Singing AND dancing
Single or taken? Single
Snow or water? Water
Someone you can't live without? There are a few. My mum, my dad, my best friend Marcia just to mention some
Spin-the-bottle or truth or dare? Truth or dare
Stay up late or wake up late? Both
Straight or curly? Both
Summer or Winter? Winter
Sun or moon? Moon
Tall guys/girls or short guys/girls? Both, if he's tall I can wear high heels
Things you collect? CDs and books
What are you doing tomorrow? Work a lot and maybe go to the cinema
What color is your toothbrush? Pink
What color pants do you have on right now? Brown
What color socks are you wearing? None
What do you drink? Coffee, water, coffee, cappuccino, coffee, Coke, vodka, Bailey's
What is your greatest fear? Loneliness
What makes you vomit? Pagode and Michael Schumacher
What's on your computer screen? My wallpaper you mean? Mulder and Scully from the X-Files
What's right next to you? A cup of coffee
What's your bedtime? Weekdays, around midnight; weekends, around 2 am
What's your best physical feature? I'm not the one to say
What's your favorite Disney movie? Cinderella
What's your favorite radio station? X FM in London, Edge FM in Toronto, Transamerica FM here
What's your name backwards? enaiviV
When do you get up in the morning? At about six
Wonder or amazement? Wonder
Word or phrase you overuse? "shit" and "what?"
Would you wait to have sex until you're married? You gotta be kidding me
X or O in Tic-Tac Toe? Whatever!
X-Men or X-Files? No possible choice between Mulder and Wolverine :) Both!